Yellow Tea

What a lovely tea.  Yellow tea is believed to have originated as a variation within the green tea industry around the 1700’s and it is thought of as a traditional Chinese tea.

There are 3 main areas producing yellow tea in China:

  1. Meng Ding Mtn in Sichuan
    • producing Meng Ding Huang Ya (yellow bud)
  2. Huo shan County in Anhui
    • producing Huo Shan Huang Ya
  3. Jun Shan Island in dong Ting Lake in Hunan
    • producing Jun San Yin Zhen (Gentleman’s Mtn Silver Needle

For it to acquire its ‘yellowness’ in leaf and liquor it is sweltered.  Simply put sweltering occurs as the leaves are heated and piled in fabric or paper and left to rest ‘tan feng’.