World Tea Academy

My 1st class Core.o1 with World Tea Academy was very informative and the instructional videos were awesome.   The starter tea kit came with 6 introductory teas, 2 cupping sets, thermometer, timer and scale.  Every detail on how to do a cupping properly, what types of kettles and water to use how to use the cupping cups, as well as all of the 6 teas, were thoroughly covered in each of their own videos.  An assignment was required every week, as well as a final exam.

Though there wasn’t any direct or weekly personal interaction with the instructor and other participants via skype or other class room style programs.  The ability to be able to work on the lessons and watch the instructional videos at any time throughout the month was very helpful.   There is a basic discussion board that one submits assignments to and have a conversation with other students about assignments is nice.  Donna was always very good with answering questions via email very promptly.

In other words it was a very enjoyable experience and for those that have difficult and random work schedules it is a perfect venue for taking online classes in the varied and interesting world of tea.