Tea 101 Lesson 2

In the second lesson 7 teas were covered, 3 new.  Again -provided in the handouts was the recommended; temperature the water should be when brewing, times for steeping and the following observations on the notes were listed.

  1. White Silver Needle – China – light liquor, smooth mouth feel, floral with a sweet after taste.
  2. Green Pan Fried – China – golden yellow liquor, astringent, smokey with slight vegetative undertones
  3. Green Steamed – Japan – light green liquor, vegetative flavours with a hint of seaweed
  4. Oolong Ti Kuan Yin – China – golden liquor, toasty, smoky and floral flavours
  5. Black CTC (cut / tear / curl) Rich dark liquor, full bodied, full mouth feel, slight astringency
  6. Black Orthodox – Assam – bright golden copper, smooth malt flavours
  7. Pu-erh – China – dark red liquor – almost black, pungent, earthy and rich flavours