The category of Herbals features a variety of petals, leaves, seeds, roots and peels. All the plant parts that are used for either their decorative addition to the tea, their *traditional medicinal benefits, or their unique flavours that enhance the taste of the tea they share the cup with. So for beauty or taste they all have a place in our daily enjoyment of tea.

Thus this is where everything else used to blend with teas or tisanes for flavour, for beauty, for aroma or for balancing the body will be covered.

More will come here as the blends continue.

Each of the herbal ingredients covered in their own post and were brewed under the same weight and temperature.

  • temp. 84° – 90°
  • .5 – 1 gm samples
  • steeped for 3 – 4 min. respectively

Above image – starting from the left

* The use of plants for their medicinal benefits has been considered a standard method of balancing the body towards healing in all countries around the world.  The herbs here are those considered for their benefits from Chinese, Indian, European and North American cultures.