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So many teas so little time.  As mentioned in another page this site is a photo journal of my exploration into the world of tea through the T.A.C. Tea Sommelier class.  Plus all the fruit, roots, flowers and leaves – the other good parts we add to teas for flavour and for health.

Please check out the different links on the teas and herbs that were all taste tested and a taste profile recorded.

Basic menu hierarchy is page, category, blog post.

No tea goes on this site that hasn’t been cupped. Hope you enjoy the info, feed back is welcome.

This is a labour of love and a work in progress. The pages that presently have little content will have more in the future. But for now are sorta like place holders for the Categories and Blog posts.

Hope you enjoy and find it useful – please link back to any content you use.

M. Renée Fulsom

Owner / operator – Darsana Tea