TEA 101: Introduction to Tea

Tea 101 – my grades.

This site is also about what I learnt in the online class.  About the history of tea, doing cuppings, and discovering the ‘notes’ within the huge selection of teas that were provide for each of the 3 lessons.

The instructor of this Tea 101 was Jeff Kovak.
He is knowledgeable, welcoming and involved.

Tea Sommelier Class

The online tea course will provide an introduction to the history of the origin of tea; you will learn how to differentiate the types of tea as well as the tea grading standards used in the industry. You will also be initiated to the basics of tea terminology and proper cupping techniques.

Topics explored include:

  • Origin of tea
  • History
  • Basic tea types
  • Tea Grading standards
  • Terminology
  • Proper cupping techniques

Included in course registration:

  • Teas
  • Weekly online class sessions with instructor (using GoToMeeting)
  • Videos explaining cupping/tasting
  • Student chat forum
  • Digital Course Book

Length: Tea 101 is a four week course, with the suggestion that you designate approximately 3 hours each week to read, watch the video, complete the cupping and speak to the instructor. Each week you will be required to meet with the instructor via Skype.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Darsana Tea says:

    Watch some great videos by the Tea Association of Canada on how to brew the different types of tea.


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