Body, Soul & Spirit Expo – Jan 4-6th 2019

List of those that I had a mini treatment with and I highly recommend. Next – I will also make a list of those I spoke with about their services.

Listed by order of appearance and work done.

TMJ Wellness Centre – Gaillen T. Wraye – Joint Repair & Pain Relief Specialist.

I do have lots of missing cartilage at my left jaw and wear a splint at night for discomfort of that. So I was very curious as to what Gaillen could do. I think I was one of the first to sit down and have the pleasure of being worked on at his booth. His approach is unique in that he intuitively sees what needs to be done right away to reduce and or eliminate the source of the discomfort or pain. Even when it was over I continued to feel a shifting in my jaw. The next day I still notice at least a 80% reduction in the pain I often feel with the TMJ. Awesome find and would definitely see again. Please check out his website to see what he can do to help your joint issues.

The Emotion Code Tailored Coding – Science of Emotions Hitesh P Tailor – Release the trapped emotions – balance physical & emotional health.

I was very impressed with the straight forward and rapid shifting I felt. Hitesh was very kind and generous with time, the energy work done was uncomplicated and thorough. He asks you to give him a specific question on something that is bothering you. Mine was about moving forward in my life. He found residual trauma I totally forgot about from the age of 23 and was able to work through 2 out of 3 issues. The 3rd issue was blocked from him, which he also found curious, but he said he would continue work on it remotely this coming week without charge. I have no doubt he will. Today I still feel calm, and more with a sense of purpose than I had before. Please check out his website to see what he can do to help with releasing emotional issues that may be holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest.

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