Crystals – we all love them!

And since the energetic patterns of crystals compliment the energetic patterns of herbs.

We will be adding crystals to our online store!  As well as other products that will aid in the balancing of the chakra system, physically and visually.

Check back here after the Vancouver Gem Show!

Update! Done – here they are!

A unique line of natural stone / crystal bracelets, handmade with love, and bathed in the sun to clear.

Colours and stones are based on the 7 Rays colour system to aid and compliment energetically the balancing of the Chakras. 

Each bracelet has 2 – 5mm 20% gold filled beads

2 matching quartz crystals on either side of the charm

14 (5.25″ dia. xsm) 6mm stone beads

15 (5.75″ dia. sm) 6mm stone beads

16 (6.5″ med) 6mm stone beads

17 (7″ lg) 6mm stone beads

separated by a 3mm gold plated bead.

Your choice of either an Omega, Om or an astrological charm.

Add the energetically matching herbal blend.


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