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Darsana Tea Chakra Blends are Here!

After many years (14 to be exact) of sitting on the back burner of something

I just have to do…. Here it is!

28 35 Organic Tea and Herbal blends!

7 herbal blends (each blend contains fruits, roots, flowers & leaves) in 4 bases

of organic Dark tea, White tea, Green tea & Nettle (& now Rooibos)

Since I discovered I would feel a sensation in a part of my body while drinking a tincture of a particular plant – I started experimenting with different herbs and which plant was felt on a particular part of the body.  I then thought that maybe this plant energy was triggering an energetic pattern that was similar to or correlated with a particular Chakra.

I then went and checked what herbalists claimed that that plant was used for in treating an illness attached to an organ.   I did this with all the herbs I am using in the blends and more so, as many are on this site but I haven’t recorded them all here.   I would ‘cup’ them first (as a tea sommelier would) write down the locations of where I felt them and then go online or check them in my herbal books to see if it matched.   Which they did.   Many plants I tried I had no idea what they were suppose to be good for until I looked them up.

For example I now use Astragalus in all the teas as a ‘root’ component.  I didn’t know though at the time I tried it that is was an adaptogen and that is why I had felt it all through the chakra’s thus the body.  I originally though oh this one is going to be harder to figure out or I guess I am out of sync today.  I put it down, tried the next one.  Then came back same thing…. hmmm… ok. Try something else came back – still not doing anything but going through all the body. lol

Ya Ok now I know that’s what an adaptogen is suppose to do! go figure.

Originally I choose it for its visual appeal.  1st it being a root (need at root in all my blends) it was light and fluffy and almost white – white goes with everything.  Well so it seems does Astragalus.


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