Organic Blessed Thistle C/S

Organic Blessed Thistle
Botanical Name: Cnicus benedictus
Common Names: Holy Thistle, Saint Benedict thistle, spotted thistle, bitter thistle, blessed cardus

  • Tasting notes: Strong green – grassy bitter notes
  • Origin: Croatia
  • Brewing temp.: 90°c
  • Steeping time:  4 mins
  • Antioxidant Level:
  • Caffeine Content: none
  • Cautions: avoid when pregnant or nursing, or using blood thinners

Personal notes on the herbs tested

Dry leaf appearance Wet leaf appearance Infused liquor Aroma analysis Flavour Analysis
 Soft fluffy fiberous mass with bits of chopped stems & leaves Very pale jade green Fiberous mass of leaf and stem bits of light and darker green  Clear Bright soft buttery golden yellow Green, vegetal notes of soft mint Very strong bitter grassy notes

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