Organic Dandelion Leaf C/S

Organic* Dandelion Leaf C/S
Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale
Common Names: Blowball, cankerwort, dent de lion, lion’s tooth, priest’s crown, pu gong ying, puffball, swine snout, white endive, wild endive

  • Tasting notes: Soft smooth buttery texture, green earthy notes
  • Origin: Croatia
  • Brewing temp.: 90°c
  • Steeping time:  4 mins
  • Antioxidant Level:
  • Caffeine Content: none
  • Cautions: do not use if there are issues with the bile ducts, gall bladder, or intestinal blockages

Personal notes on the herbals

Dry leaf appearance Wet leaf appearance Infused liquor Aroma analysis Flavour Analysis
 Green to brown shades of small long shapes, stem like pieces  Darker shades of green & brown  Slightly milky soft amber colour Grassy green notes  Buttery texture green earthy notes

*Starwest Botanicals – USDA certified

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