Elephant Tusk Silver Needle

A white tea described* as: “Ivory in the cup. Superb light malt flavored hand selected silver tips with a touch of briskness, are painstakingly harvested and naturally dried. Extreme rare”

  • Tasting notes: light malt flavored hand selected silver tips with a touch of briskness
  • Origin: Mulanje, Malawi
  • Growing Altitudes: 3500 – 5000 feet above sea level
  • Brewing temp.: 84°c
  • Steeping time: 3 min
  • Antioxidant Level: High
  • Caffeine Content: Low
Dry Leaf apperance Wet Leaf Appearance Infused Liquor Analysis Aroma Analysis Flavour Analysis
Silver dark grey jade, wirey long tips. Rusty brown, green Golden, bright and clear Earthy, bold Astringent, earthy yet bold.


* “Ivory – a more storied natural substance can be found nowhere on earth. Unfortunately, these days Ivory is also exceedingly rare. For centuries, the harvest of elephant tusks decimated the legendary herds that swarmed the savannahs and jungles of the African continent. Ivory was exported throughout the Western world and was used for everything from piano keys to billiard balls and false teeth. The 1970s and 80s were particularly grueling on elephant populations and in 1989, a worldwide ban was placed on the international trade in tusks. Still, even today, the trade continues illegally as poachers hunt the wild animals in many African countries. Thankfully, the recent efforts of ecologists and organizations like the International Fund for Animal Welfare, mean that many elephants are beginning to find safe homes in protected lands.

One country that has taken some innovative steps toward saving their wild elephant herds is Malawi. One of the more interesting of these has been to take the concept of eco-tourism to a whole new level. Tourists to the country can take part in rounding up endangered “tuskers” in Liwonde National Park, helping get them on to massive transport trucks and delivering them to a new home on the Majete Wildlife Reserve in the south. The massive reserve provides the elephants with a protected home out of the reaches of poachers. As of yet, we haven‟t had an opportunity to take part in this incredible adventure. We are happy however to do our part to honor the magnificent animals by presenting this incredible Malawi production white tea, a handmade specialty that resembles miniature versions of the magnificent tusks.

While premium quality white teas are somewhat new to Malawi, the output in recent years has been outstanding. Elephant Tusk Silver Needle stands at the forefront of the country‟s production and is made by carefully selecting only the top silver tip of the tea bush during a very limited spring harvest window. In the cup, the tea is superbly light with a touch of malty brisk character. Celebrate the future of the magnificent African elephant with an equally outstanding cuppa.

ETP certified. The Ethical Tea Partnership is a tea industry initiative designed to monitor and regulate the living and working conditions on tea estates around the world. Metropolitan Tea was North America’s first signing member.

Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade is an international movement that promotes increased standards of living for laborers in developing countries.”

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